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Experience cutting edge virtual reality with technologically advanced peripherals.

Ultimate VR Experience

VR Headgears

See and hear everything in this virtual world with our world class virtual reality headgears.

Haptic Bodysuits

Feel every punch, every hit, every push and pull with the latest and best haptic feedback suit available in the industry.

VR Racing Simulator

With our 3-dof racing simulator, realise the feel of driving an AMG GTS, Lamborghini or Ferrari and more, feel every bump on the road, every sensation of driving on track or grass, every rumble on the steering of a powerful supercar and experience total freedom on our world class racing simulator.

VR for Education

Introducing a whole new concept in educational technology. Ensuring you are engaged, motivated and challenged throughout your quest for knowledge is a key priority to learning. See how virtual reality can unlock potentials, giving new ways to experience, learn and even create your own story.

Explore the world by virtually traveling to places never seen before. Notre Dame Paris, Vortex Star Trails at Maine's Bold Coast, Grace Cathedral at San Francisco, ESO Paranal Observatory, Chile and many more.

Rentals & Pricing

Want extra hands on and privacy with the ultimate VR experience? Rent our catalogs. Our headgears, bodysuit and racing simulators provide you the best experience ever possible in the Virtual Reality universe.

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