VR Rentals


VR Rentals

Immersia provides guests with immersive virtual reality experiences. We are experts at integrating VR into your corporate events, school parties and social parties. We promise to give your guests an unforgettable experience with VR.

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Corporate Events

Are you planning a party? Host your next corporate party in Virtual Reality, let us bring premium Entertainment to your event. Virtual Reality is a great addition to a corporate event, trade show, or private party. There are hundreds of games and experiences from which to choose that can be enjoyed by those of all ages. We are committed to making your events more memorable and engaging. if you want to make your event more appealing and different, it makes a lot of sense to add Virtual Reality.

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School Party

Why not try something different for your next school party, Veledictory Service, with an immersive virtual reality experience? There are hundreds of Virtual Reality Games and Experiences that fits all ages. They’ll be blown away by the technology with age appropriate games so realistic, they’ll really feel like they’re battling in space , relating with what they see or defending their castles.

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Your friends will be blown away by the high end VR experiences that we offer. And with our variety of games, there’s something for everyone.

We offer high end room scale virtual reality technology to give you an experience that is quite literally out of this world. When hiring our VR equipment for your party, we’ll make sure that your experience with us is as seamless as the technology that we use.

What's Included

We have a large variety of Virtual Reality Games and Experiences you can choose from

You can rent multiple Virtual Reality stations to suit your party size.

Our Virtual Reality staffs are on standy to provide you with all the fun your guests need.

A wide range of age appropriate games are available.

Viewing Screen to allow spectators to engage in the experience

Driving Simulators – Motorsports

Available Equipment For Rental

Event Bundles

Bundle 1

4 Headgears
1 Screen

Bundle 2

4 Headgears
2 Screens

Bundle 3

4 Head Gears
2 Screens
1 Stationery Racing Simulator


1 Motion simulator with Double monitors
Haptic vest for tactile feedback

NB: All costs are exclusive of Logistics
 Timeframe: 6 Hours