Competition & Events


Mortal Kombat Kompetition

Our Mortal Kombat Kompetition is Immersia's first take on e-Sports.
The Mortal Kombat franchise ranks as the premier competitive console game hence our choice.
Our goal is Foster the growth of professional e-Sporting in Nigeria by incentivising of the same.

Enjoy Kombatants!


Immersia VR Motion Simulation Racing League

The combination of motion simulation and VR brings the reality of Professional Motor sport closer than ever

The IVMSRL (We hope to find a better name soon :-), is our take on what we hope to be a new genre of Sporting... vSports.

Competitors battle headlong for Speed Supremacy as they push their cars to the limits in the safety and comfort of virtual reality, not having to compromise realism with the aid of our Motion Simulators that mimic the real life movements of the cars.

Our choice simulator Assetto Corsa Competizione, with its steep learning curve, symbolises our commitment to professionalism.